Our Fabric

Breathable, Silky, Soft

Our fabric is silky smooth and feels like air. It helps keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter by naturally regulating your moisture.

Smooth & Silky Drape

Cupro fibers are almost perfectly round in comparison to silk and artificial fibers, meaning there’s less friction and less skin irritation. This gives our PJs a smooth and silky drape. Bonus: Cupro fibers’ small waterways maintain and hold color.

Practicality at its Finest

Cupro won’t stretch or shrink. It’s hypo-allergenic, anti-static, and machine washable. The fabric’s crystalline structure controls moisture and provides breathability.


Our Cupro blend is an earth friendly silky alternative made out of recycled cotton linters. We’ve made sure that it’s biodegradable and that no creatures 🐛 were harmed in the making of No Plans.

Wear with Care

As with all natural fabrics, our ultra-fine, plant-based fibers may be prone some slight scuffing from the friction of usage and washing. Avoid over-washing and follow our care instructions. We also suggest steaming or ironing for the best silky drape.

Sleepwear for Everywhere

Luxe sleepwear for life in and out of bed. It's versatile and comfortable on your body and wallet.

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